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Shaper's Profile


Born: 29/11/1967
Surfing: 27yrs
Shaping: 16yrs
Based in: Gold Coast

I had become Murray Bourton's pupil(DH & JS also have him for their teacher) since 1998, and have launched my own original brand,"SODA SHAPES." Surfboards are shaped with experienced craftsmanship are highly esteemed both Japanese and Australian.
In a surfing nation such as Australia, I am always able to watch the up-and-coming trends of surfboard design and I am constantly challenging new levels of design while living in its unique surroundings.

1967年11月29日生。GOLD COAST在住。サーフィン歴27年。シェーピング歴16年。
1998年、DH・JSの師でもあるMURRAY BOURTON氏に弟子入りし、数多くのメーカーのゴーストシェイパーとして経験を積み、その後、自身のオリジナルブランド“SODA SHAPES”を立ち上げる。